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What makes School management system so special?

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    All our sofrware are powered by a team of technical engineers proactively ensure smooth, standard and responsive software development.
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    Multi-device Support

    Schools make the foundation of any Child’s development, as they spend most of the time at School. But the day to day activities keeps the school management busy whole day. They lack focusing on individual student’s development level. Teachers also not get dedicated 100% to students because they also play a major role in the school academic & administration work. Optimum School Management System is a powerful user-friendly System designed as per user's perspective with multiple MIS reports & multiple logins. Administration work, in which most of the school hours gets consumed now gets managed with ease. Now no need to find right employees for each new task in your school. An Extra minded system with extra ordinary Outputs. We ensure a Process centric Organization instead of Employee centric. The Education field has become more competitive. The number of school is multiplying faster. Parents have become more attentive about their child, their activities & progress in the school. With our School Management System, parents will receive complete information of their child their Attendance, Daily Time table, Progress reports (current as well as previous) from the comfort of their home.SMS & eMail facility ensures the parents to remain updated with school activities. All these things required a lot of man power if done manually & it is a bulky system too. Now we provide you a system which is process centric & continues its functioning with lesser number of staff. Now no tension about employee job changing & finding datas. Everything is now electronically preserved.

icon Features

All our sofrware are powered by a team of technical engineers proactively ensure smooth, standard and responsive software development.

  • White Label - With your name in Footer as well as Header
  • Admin, Student, Staff and Parent Panels (4 types)
  • School setup
  • School details, logo, website, header etc
  • Add single student - no limit
  • Add bulk students - Multiple students in one click - no limit
  • Student Information tab
  • Add teacher - no limit
  • Add parents and link with student
  • Add class - no limit
  • Add Sections for each class - no limit
  • Add subjects
  • Add class routine - class time table
  • Attendance system
  • Add Sections for each class - no limit
  • Add exams - no limit
  • Grade system
  • Manage marks
  • Report Card - Tabulation report
  • Accounting
  • Student fees invoice
  • Payment status
  • Expense management
  • Library
  • Study Material
  • Transportation
  • Hostel management - Dormitory management
  • Notice board with calendar integration
  • Messages
  • SMS settings – cell phone messaging integration
  • Multiple language support
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